Race Day, Yay!

Good evening all!  How’s your Saturday?

Today is the day!

I had a fabulous day!  It started at 6:00am with a nice warm shower & a little pre-race fuel~


2 slices of WW toast and a Banana I already started to munch on.

Then we were headed to Fresno State for the big race.  I was a bit on the nervous side as you can see~


But once I started running it all seemed to disappear.  I started out a little on the slower side and was passed several times but I wanted to reserve my fuel for the end. 

At the 1/2 way point I turned & burned!  I was in the “zone.”  My body was cooperating but my lungs felt like they couldn’t keep up.  But that didn’t stop me, I kept truckin’ along.

With my competitive nature at the end, I noticed a girl was right beside me so I gave it my all and came in right in front of her!  I chatted with her after and told her “you gave me a run for my money”!  My headphones even fell out as I crossed the finish line.  She was really nice.  I enjoy a little friendly competition.  🙂


I set a PR for the first time at 28:21.  That’s an average pace of 9:08 minutes a mile.  I was shocked & so was my husband!  I’ve been in the 10:00ish minute miles the whole time I was training, I guess I just needed a little competition to push myself.  Keep in mind these numbers are not official.  The official ones should be posted tomorrow on their website.  As soon as I get them I will make sure to post them here!


I was amazed with all of the fresh & healthy options they provided.  Check them out~


My daughter was with me, that’s why you see double.


Warriors In Pink Bandana & nail file!

This was such an amazing experience and for such a wonderful cause.  I felt nothing but positive vibes the whole time from everyone involved.  From the registration booths to the people cheering!  Everyone was so supportive & friendly.  I can not wait to do it again and I hope next year I can be more involved too.

…Now I need to find another race….Has anyone ever participated in the Nike/Tiffany 1/2 Marathon in San Francisco?  Everyone that completes the race get’s a Tiffany necklace.  Nice!  That might be enough motivation for me!  Please share your experience if you’ve ever participated in it!

Were off to carve Pumpkins this evening.

Have a wonderful night!

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6 thoughts on “Race Day, Yay!

  1. dude, awesome, awesome race recap! i am so proud of you!

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