Wine Vine Race Recap


DSC03096 DSC03121

On Sunday I did a 5K run at Meridian Vineyards in Paso Robles, CA.  It was an absolutely beautiful run through the vineyards. 

But wow did it kick my butt!  The course description said “the course is gently rolling with the exception of two short hills.”  So I figured it would be a bit challenging for me, but not too bad.  Boy was I wrong!  There were several hills!  I walked several times, which I never do.  And guess what!?  The finish line was on the other side of the longest one!  Lol!  Okay maybe it wasn’t the longest one, but it sure felt like it!  Lol!  I’m totally not complaining, so please don’t take it that way.  It was a lot more difficult than I expected.  🙂

Unfortunately I have zero experience with hill runs. But now I do and it was totally worth it.  I had a great time and didn’t take it seriously.  I just wanted to enjoy the scenery and have fun!  I also got a little practice in to.

A little pre-race fuel~


I’m such a nerd…I think I enjoy getting the t-shirts more than the runs!  But check it out.  It’s awesome!


100% polyester.  Super soft & breathable.


Me before the race~


Taking on that last hill, headed for the finish line~



The odds were against me.  This was the coldest I’ve ever ran in and I’ve never trained for hills but I am very happy with my time.  Since the results won’t be posted until later this week, my unofficial time was 29:29 and let me tell you, I am (will be) absolutely shocked I came in under 30 minutes.  I thought for sure I was over 35!

*Please note the time I listed is what I saw as I was crossing the finish line so it might be off a little.  I will post the official results as soon as I get them.

I had a great time and can’t wait to participate in it again next year!

And a big thank you to my favorite guy~


My chauffeur, photographer, motivator, chef and the best friend a girl like me could ever have!

It takes a really cool hubby to drive over 2 hours for a race he’s not in, get up before the sun rises to drive to a race, then wait 29:29 minutes, take pictures and then drive back!  Yep, I really do know how lucky I am!  🙂

Thank you Michael!

Hills…I’m commin’ after you next year!

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2 thoughts on “Wine Vine Race Recap

  1. Congrats on the race! What a great hubby you have 🙂

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