The Best Run Ever


I think I’m in love!  With running & races that is.  😉

I did in 2 races this weekend but I’ll start with Saturdays first. 

On Saturday I ran my first 6 mile race ever.  It was also the furthest distance and only the 2nd time I’ve ever ran that far in my life.  But it was by far my favorite.  Even though it was foggy and about 40*!


This race taught me a lot about my ability and myself.  I’m not sure if I’m just a rookie and should know these by now, but I wanted to share a few with you.

  • Running is more mental than physical.
  • I had to pace myself.  I would rather run a little slower but at a steady, strong pace and run the entire time, than go balls out and have to stop or & walk.  I crave consistency, but my personality doesn’t always agree with that so it takes a little more effort for me I guess.
  • There were several small hills throughout the course and I learned to use my legs to climb and power through them, instead of pumping my arms and using my whole body.  I was amazed at the strength of my legs.  Seriously,  I never knew they were that strong!  But don’t be fooled, they’ve been on strike since then.  LOL!
  • I am a distance runner, not a sprinter!  Seriously, I absolutely hate to speed train!

Since I’ve only run 6 miles once before in 60:33, and this was my first race, the only goal I had was to run a sub 1 hour, run the entire time and just have fun with it.


When I turned the final corner and saw the timer at 55:04 (hence the expression on my face), I knew my time would be much better than I expected.  My final time was 55:29!  But really, even 2 hours would have set a PR, right!  😉


  For every step I take in pain, when I walk like an old crippled lady, and drink ungodly amounts of old lady juice.  For the times I feel like crawling would be faster than walking and for keeping the makers of Advil afloat during a recession I can’t wait to get out there and do it all over again because after all I’m in love with running & racing, right!?

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