Resolution 5K Race Recap

Well as you can imagine I was very sore from my race the day before, so I wasn’t expecting to PR this one at all.  I just wanted to challenge myself so I signed up for 2 races in 1 weekend.  And a challenge it was! 

So race number 2 was the 2nd Annual Team In Training Resolution 5K on Sunday.


It was another cold & foggy morning but overall I felt like I did pretty well all things considered.  The dude in the picture below swooped in and passed me right before crossing the finish line and well, I was….uh….well my parents said “dad and I can read your lips…not very lady like…lol!”


Not a happy girl.  Gurrr!  No, I’m not competitive at all!  LOL!

Guess it’s karma

Trust me I would have been really upset if a chick passed me instead so I was just happy it was a dude instead.  Ha!

Actually I really took it well despite the picture above.  It just gives me another reason to try harder next time.

I was actually in 1st place for about a mile, but honestly it made me kinda nervous.  I am so used to being in the middle of the pack.  I was worried about keeping my pace up, if/when someone is going to pass me, stuff like that.  It really sucked the fun out of the run, but it was definitely new to me and I’m happy I got to experience it though. 


Since this was the smallest race I’ve ever participated in I was able to place really well.  My time was 28:14 (2 minutes slower than my PR) but I took 3rd place in the women’s division!  What 3rd place!  Who, me?  I never thought I’d ever place at all!  That was the icing on the cake and goes down in the book for the best weekend in like, well forever!   

But in the end it was worth earning my first medal! 


And how sweet is that!

What’s up next for The Chick?????????

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