Getting My Mojo Back

The weather has been absolutely beautiful for the past week.  Sunny and in the upper 60’s to lower 70’s!

It’s been a busy but great week so far!  I think I’ve finally got my running mojo back!  I did a very small 5K race on Valentines Day~





Not my fastest, but not my slowest either.  I did quite well for not running  at all since the 4th.  My leggies felt like jello the last mile & I was shaking after, but it was all good!

I guess that’s all it took to get my mojo back because I found a new trail to run on & it’s only a 6 minute drive from my house.  Tuesday I ran 5 miles.  I was diggin’ it, so I ran it again today!  The hubby was intrigued so he asked if he could join me.  I was happy he asked!  🙂  So he loaded up his bike & we were off.

Lately I’ve been thinking about riding my bike.  I really want to exercise outside with my husband, so I got it out, dusted it off and my hubby replaced the tires on it.  Then we went on a 2 mile ride with the family before dinner.

Mike found this on for me last spring for $30.  Sweet!


I thought riding a bike would be a piece of cake compared to running, but uh well yeah, I was totally wrong.  Man I got my butt kicked, but in a good way.

Mike was not diggin’ his racing bike today.   So when I went to our local bike shop to get tires for mine, I noticed a used bike outside for sale.  I told him about when I got home and he was interested.  So we headed back to the bike shop.  He liked the looks of it & took it for a test spin.  When he got back he was totally liking it so he made the owner a deal.  He ended up with this~


In exchange for his old one for only $20!  Sweet!

Now that the weather is nice, it’s supposed to get cloudy & rain this weekend.  😦  Just in time for a 5K I have on Saturday.  Oh well I’m happy to enjoy it while it lasts.

Off to take a bubble bath and relax for another active day tomorrow!

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