Screw Up

Hi friends!

Since I’m really lame and haven’t blogged in a while, I thought I’d entertain you with my life this past week.

I ran the Race Judicata 5K Saturday.  Yep, I really need to get my butt in gear if I wanna run a half marathon for my 30th birthday.  I did take almost a minute off my time from last Sunday.  So I guess that’s a start, right!?

DSC06070 croped

We got up at 6am and the husband was like “you actually paid to get up early on a Saturday, drive 45 minutes there & back, to run in the cold”!?!?!?  Nope, you paid for it, honey, but thanks!  😉


There were a lot of fast runners!  They totally smoked me.

Then we went to Roller Town to celebrate the little ones 10th birthday per her request.


Uh, yeah I really need to work on my “hang 10” sign or maybe new some gang signs…whatever.


That’s better.

I skated for about an hour.  I took skating lessons as a kid and pretty much grew up skating, so it was a lot of fun.

Then I got board and started taking some “My Space” pictures.  You know the ones when people take ghetto, cheesy pictures of themselves in their messy bathrooms, slap it on there and call it “cute”.

Well here’s my imitation~


Ok, ok here’s a real on taken by the husband~


Then we ventured over to Ma & Pa’s house to continue the celebration.


Then I officially signed up for this~

Here’s the course map.  Oh lordy, what is wrong with me.  If anyone know’s how to train for this, please help a sista out.

Here is the course map~



That’s what you get when you hand your camera to your husband to take pictures while you light the candles on your little one’s cake.  Very funny dude, very funny.

But to make up for it, he ordered this for me today~


I think we’re even, don’t you!?

From here.  It was a better deal than, if your like me & can’t wait a few extra days to get your new toy.

Now if only he doesn’t screw up again…wait, if he does, that might mean he’d have to cave and get me the new kicks I’ve been eyeing.  Hummm…

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