A New P.R For Moi

Hello everyone!  I’m so happy you stopped by my new little blog.  🙂

It’s my favorite time of the year, and dare I say it’s my favorite day!  I love spring & the extra hour of daylight! 

My hubby was so sweet to get up at the butt crack of dawn yesterday, drive me to my race and be my personal photographer. 

I ran this race.  I have to say it was my personal best ever!  I’ll tell ya how lame I am, but first you have to see a few lovely pictures of yours truly…




I was so excited in that last picture about my new P.R that I jumped, fist in the air like an rtard, and well yeah, that’s the best shot the hubby got.  I look like I was in the Special Olympics…or maybe I should be!?

My stats were off the charts…at least for me.


Mile 1  8:06

Mile 2  8:24

Mile 3  8:18

Mile 4  8:26

.04      0:12

My unofficial time was 33:26! 

My average pace per mile was 8:17.  That is super fast for my slow butt.  I’m usually right in the 9’s.

I guess a crappy nights sleep caused by rain, wind, dogs & CSS codes floating around in my skull, the husband helping me set a pace goal (8:45) driving to the race & a cup of coffee = a new smokin’ P.R for moi!

And to think I almost chucked this race out the window when my alarm went off at 6:00am.

Oh crap, I just realized I set the bar a heck of a lot higher for my next race.  Crap. 


Seriously husband…you just HAD to go there…again!?  I’m starting to think your mental.

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