5K In My Backyard

The cool thing about being so new to running is that I set new P.R’s all the time.  It’s really gonna suck when I hit a plateau because that will happen some day.  But for now I’m going to just ride the wave.

I found out about a 5K race that was in my own backyard about 17 hours before the race started.  Uh, yeah, how’s that for advertising?  Anyway I made it just in time to preregister.  That means I’ve raced every weekend in March…so far. 

I was stoked about this one for obvious  reasons…I knew the course really well, it’s flat and fast and I only live like 2 minutes from the start, and that has never happened.  I’m used to driving to Fresno, which is 45 minutes 1 way or as far as the coast, about 2 1/2 hours away.

It was their first time putting on a race.  I guess the fancy word for that would be “inaugural” or whatever, but let’s just say they had the best course support, but there were a few kinks that can easily be worked out to make it even better.  So I offered to help them out for the next race, hopefully in the fall.  I’m actually excited & have a butt load of ideas.

Hubby stalked me along the course to catch a few action shots.


These were at about the half way point.


This is always the best part…


As you can see, my time was 25:00, but “Slim,” (Garmin 305) said otherwise.  It was actually 26:00-off by 1 whole minute.  I showed Slim to the race director and he decided to go with my time & added a minute to all of the others.

I did take 2nd overall for women & 2nd in my age group.  Or first looser.  However you want to see it.


But hey, I still hit a new P.R!  So that is worth being the first looser for in my book!

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