What The Chick Really Does

Since I’m kinda board today due to the crazy rain/thunderstorms/hail/lightening we’re having, I figured I may as well tweek my little bloggie and write a few posts.  Do ya like it?

I ran my fastest 10K on Saturday.  It was the Run For Relief race at Fresno Pacific College.

It was a lot smaller than I anticipated, but the course was really nice.


My wonderful hubby & Lulu drove ahead of me and took a few action shots.  🙂

I look like I was running in a jungle.  Or weeds.  Whatever.


Around mile 2.


Coming into the finish line and so super happy because the last mile was the longest one ever.


My Garmin time was 52:09, but my official time was 52:12.  Not too shabby since my last 10K time on March 6 was 55:39.

Hey do you ever wonder what the chick does all day long?

Well besides running & this~

Bike ride 41010 047

Lulu & I figure out how to use the delay timer on our cameras and act a fu!


Bike ride 41010 016

Bike ride 41010 031

Oh yes we did!


Poor innocent little Pookie dog.


It’s all fun and games…


Until Lulu get’s hurt.  And I have to play CSI and try to figure out how her flip flop got all the way over there.  Because you know that’s more important than helping her when she’s hurt.  ;)~


Oh and we eat stuff that will help finance your dentist’s timeshare in the Bahamas.  For example, my  current favorite~


Picture crasher.


Until next time…

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