Shinzen 10 Mile Race Recap

I ran my first double digit race and longest distance eveah Saturday.  I knew I could do it, but I was a tiny bit nervous because (due to rain), my last run was on Monday, but I think it worked to my advantage.  This was a very hilly course, for a wimp like me anyhow. 

It started right on time at 6:45am, it was 55* and sunny, no wind = perfect running weather in.


Pretending to be serious.  Or chilly.  Whatever.


We were off right on time.  It’s funny to hear everyone’s Garmin’s beep all at the same time.


This was a lot of fun.  I had to keep telling myself to slow down for the first 4 miles.  I had fresh leggies and they were ready to go!

I put my heart & soul into this race.  It was a rather painful one for me.  Around mile 8 I thought “wow, this is painful, maybe I should walk” then I thought “your husband & sister didn’t come here to see you give up, pain is only temporary, giving up is forever”!  So I trucked on. I was going to do this and it didn’t matter what it took.

I don’t think that if I were to walk, that would mean “I’m giving up”, I’m just really competitive and like to push myself beyond what my mind thinks my body can do.  Comprende, mi amigo?

I lived.


And fought to the end.



Every muscle & joint from my hips down ached.  Especially my right knee and left hip.  So I bet it’s quite funny to watch me hobble around. 


My rewards were so worth it!!!



I really wanted to do a half marathon for my 30th birthday, but there’s only 1 in my area on May 1, but I have a wedding to go to, and they don’t seem very organized at all.  So this was the closest thing to it.  I’m so happy I did it, I had a lot of fun and challenged me in so many new ways.  Like seeing a chick yack on the side of the road the last .25 of a mile.  Don’t these people know I’m terrified of that!?

Here are my splits according to my Garmin:

1  8:13

2  8:27

3  8:27

4  8:42

5  8:46

6  8:55

7  8:52

8  9:18

9  9:35

10  8:38

71 ft. 04.71

Total Garmin time:


Official time: 1:28:03

Official stats:

  • 52 out of 172 overall
  • 6th out of 24 in my age group
  • 12 out of 96 total women

I give this run a perfect


I was inspired while running this and have a post on it coming up, so ya might wanna check back soon!  🙂

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