Dala Horse Trot 10k

I’m back!  I just realized it’s been a long time since my last post.  How sad.  😦

I did a 10k on Saturday and wanted to do a little recap for you.  Since I’m sure you missed seeing a butt load of pictures of moi!  😉


I really enjoyed the course.  It took us through nice neighborhoods and the countryside next to grapevines in the nice sunshine.  It was warmer than I’m used to, probably around 65ish but I’ve got to get used to it because typical summer temps here in the Central Valley average 100+!  Yikes.

This was the first race I didn’t have to wear a hoodie or sweats.  🙂


The race started at 7:00am sharp.  This is one of the reasons I really enjoy races put on Pro Race Group.  I also like the fact that they are very timely with posting their results & *usually* pretty accurate too.  Posting results is a big thing for me.

And I’m off looking like a ‘tard~


Last week I definitely got my running grove back.  I trained 4 days & took Thursday & Friday off like I usually do before race day.  So having fresh legs, I started out pretty fast for me, I looked at my Garmin & my pace was 7:45 min. miles at one point.  I felt like I was jamming for the first 2 miles.  For me anyhow.  I made a conscious effort to not look at my Garmin too much.  I just wanted to run at a pace my body felt comfortable at.  Just go with the flow because sometime’s I feel like I psyche myself out and end up going slower than  I’m capable of.

My splits according to my Garmin;

1  8:22

2  8:10

3  8:13

4  8:48

5  8:42

6  8:25

Time  50:42

Distance  5.99

My average pace per mile was 8:28.



I’m not sure if the length of the course was off a bit, but I started my Garmin a few seconds late because I couldn’t hear the gun off, and hit stop right when I crossed the finish line and the total distance was 5.99 miles.  I did “hug” every corner and ran as close to the inside as possible, so I’m not sure if that’s why or they measured it out differently.  But .2 is a lot to be off me thinks. 


My official results are;

Time  50:59

Average pace per mile was 8:13.


I came in 53 out of 190 overall and place 2nd (!) out of 23 in my age division.  I never place & didn’t even expect to.  At all.  I actually missed 1st place by 19 seconds!  Crazy!  I am so excited though, but sad I didn’t stick around for the awards ceremony.  I did pick up my medal today.  🙂


As always I go with the official results not my Garmin at races.  It’s kind of bittersweet because I feel like my next 10k time will be a bit longer.

Here’s a video of me coming into the finish line.  It’s a bit shaky because my 10 year old, Lulu took it, but it was so sweet of her.  <3  Make sure your volume is down, it’s loud.

Overall I would definitely do this again.  I really had a great time out there!  Up next is the NAS Lemoore Mud Run this Saturday!  I am so excited about this one!   

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