2010 NAS Lemoore Mud Run Recap

So by now you probably know I love to run and participate in races.  But I have been so excited about doing the Mud Run.  I was like a kid on Christmas Eve!  I registered for it early (February)!  And wow, it was far better than I imagined it! 

I didn’t care about my time, pace or place.  I really wanted to just have fun and take it all in. 

Here is a picture from the start line.  There were so many people…a lot more than this.  There were 4 waves.


Mike taped my ankles with hot pink duck tape.  That was the best advise ever!  I had no problem tromping through the mud.  It was so cool not to have to worry about my shoes coming off when your in mud mid calf deep and have to take a step.  They even had these nifty anklet chip timer thingy.


The course description from, “The Mud Run is a challenging 5 mile run with hills, tire obstacles, river crossings, two 5-foot walls with mud on both sides, tunnel crawl, slippery hill climb, and the final 30-foot mud pit.”  And boy did they provide the mud.  It was the thick, cakey, sticky kind.  Pure bliss!

Before all sparkly and clean~


This was taken within the first mile.



I loved climbing the hills!


I wanted to roll around in the mud like a pig!


Getting over this first log was the hardest part for me.  I really need to work on my upper body strength and technique.  A really nice lady behind me gave me a caboose!  That was another reason why I loved this event so much.  Everyone was out there to have fun and were so helpful to me and others.  There was a lot of team work.  It was so nice!  🙂



The other logs like this were not as high as the first one, so I didn’t have a problem getting over them.



This was at the last 30 feet and my legs were tired, so I decided to swim.




Hill Top 2




The firemen were so cool!  They hosed us off!  Oh and the water was nice & warm too.  Bonus!




I learned a lot about myself during the Mud Run.  I’m a lot stronger than I think.  Towards the end, I even asked one of the Marines if I could do the course again.  I thought it was so easy.  It felt like 2 miles, not 5 to me.  I spoke too soon though, because the last leg of it was by far the toughest part.  You’ll see what I mean in this video.  Keep in mind my 10 year old took it, so it’s shaky in spot’s but she did a pretty good job.  Thank you so much Lulu & Mike for taking all of the pictures!  You guys did such a wonderful job capturing me in all of my muddy glory! 

My official time was 1:05 and I placed 28 out of 144 in my age group for individuals.  (There were a lot of teams out there too.)  It’s kinda different because my age group was 18-44.  But I was totally shocked I did so well even taking my time.  🙂

***You may read my race review for the Warrior Dash mud run here and my tips for how to dress for a mud run here.***

Run on!

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