Fathers Day Race Recap

I did the Fathers Day 6 mile race in downtown Fresno.  If you’ve never been to Fresno before, I’ll tell you it’s a little scary.  It freaks me out.  It’s not your typical downtown.  The crime rate is pretty high and there are a lot of bum’s.  So I was a little skeptical about running this one.  But this is their 44th consecutive year putting it on, so I gave it a whirl.


I was really surprised to see Fresno P.D out in full force.  They even had Cal Trans block off the freeway exits with their big trucks!

I was mentally not ready for this one though.  When I woke up at 5:30 I told Mike, if I wasn’t already preregistered, I would not be going.  Ha ha!  But I’m so happy I did…like always!

There were a total of 260 runners.

The first 2 or 3 miles were a mental struggle.  Physically I was totally fine.  It’s crazy how your mind plays tricks on you.  I overcame it though.


By mile 2 I finally settled into a nice 8:20ish pace and it was smooth sailing from there on.  I find that the first few miles seem to be the hardest.  Is that normal or just me?


The course was awesome!  Flat & fast through neighborhoods & the Tower District.  Fresno P.D blocked off every intersection and patrolled the entire course.  I felt so safe, probably the safest race I’ve ever done.  I thanked every single officer as I ran by them.  🙂


Here are my stats:

I placed 3 in my age group!


1 8:17

2 8:26

3 8:37

4 8:22

5 8:26

6 8:18 (Yay for the negative split on the last mile!!!)

Official time: 50:30

Garmin time: 50:28


I would like to do a half marathon very soon, but the one closest to me is in Fresno on November 7th.  It is a Boston qualifier, but that doesn’t matter to me because I don’t see myself doing a marathon ever… well for now anyway.  You never know, I might change my mind.  😉

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