Reedley Fiesta Race Recap

Hello bloggie friends!  It’s been a long time since I checked in with you and even longer since I’ve done a race.  Actually the last race I did was on Fathers Day.

October is one of the biggest race months of the year, here in Central California.  I am so excited for race season!  I love the contagious energy & friendly competitive nature it provides me.

Reedley Fiesta 5 Miles 045

So on Saturday, I ran the Reedley Fiesta 5 mile race.  The good news is, I placed 1st in my age group!  And the maybenotsogreatnews is I don’t know how many people were in my age group since the results aren’t posted yet.  (On a side note, I need to do a post on my thoughts on race results)  Anyway, thank goodness for small town races because I felt so slow the last 3 miles.  🙂

Reedley Fiesta 5 Miles 054

This was my first time running this event & I wanted to share a few thoughts about it.


*There were a total of 4 water stations including 1 we looped around on the way to the finish line. 

*Started on time.

*Course was clearly marked.


*There was a 2 mile walk/run option along with the 5 mile run.  They started both events at the same time and put the 2 mile runs/walkers about .25 mile ahead of the 5 mile runners.  Uh, I’m not sure who decided that was a brilliant idea, but it was a logistical nightmare for me.  I spent the first 2 miles dodging others.  But after that, every thing evened out and all was well in the Chicks world.  🙂

*It’s Sunday evening and I can’t find the race results.  Actually I don’t even know where or if they will be posted.  😦  


Reedley Fiesta 5 Miles 056 

My Garmin time was 42:59

Garmin Mileage 5.03


1 8:24

2 8:22

3 8:37

4 8:40

5 8:43


Overall it wasn’t my fastest run, but it was a P.R since I only count my race times.  I enjoyed getting out there again and definitely felt I could have done a lot better.  But I did my best on that day and I’m happy about that.

When does race season start for you?  What races are you doing?

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4 thoughts on “Reedley Fiesta Race Recap

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  3. John Volkman

    Your pros and cons were exactly what I was thinking. Hated that first mile w/ having to run through the 2 milers and around McDonalds and other curves, but after that, it was a decent course. I got 1st in my age group too in 39:01, but not many in each group. I was checking for results when and saw your blog. Very cool idea. Doubt that results will be posted since proracegroup wasn’t doing the scoring.
    TNT Coach, John Volkman-Fresno

    • Thanks for stopping by!
      Due to injury I had to sit this years out but last year I called the rec office in Reedley to get the results.
      Great job placing first!!

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