Turkey Trot 5K 2010

Just so ya know, I ran 68.3 in November, officially my highest running mileage ever in 1 month!!!  🙂 🙂 🙂

I got my new shoes just in time to break them in for the Turkey Trot.

It was a cold one, for me anyhow.  Probably my coldest race so far, no joke.

Ice was forming on the mirror.

I was very happy I picked up my race packet a few days before and that allowed me to get there only about 15 minutes early.  🙂

I loved how they organized the start line.

Like every race I’ve done so far, it started right on time at 8:00am on an out & back course.  I’m not exactly sure how many runners there were because official timing stopped at 25 minutes.  I appreciated them telling me when I signed up because I’m a bit competitive.  😉

Funny story…while I was waiting for the race start, I overheard the guys to my left in this picture, yellow highlighter shoes were telling their buddy in the grey shirt (he’s kinda hidden behind the red sweatshirt to my right) that this was a very short race…in their words “it’s like only 2 times around the track.”  I couldn’t help but laugh.  Grey shirt guy looked at me and asked me if they were right.  I just laughed and told him, it’s a little longer than that, but  I think you’ll live.  Then I asked him what the furthest distance he’s ever ran.  He told me “oh about 2 times around the track.”  Poor guy.

I’m not sure how he did, but I did see him running next to me at about the halfway point.

Moving on, the race was held at Woodward Park like most of them are and I knew it was a bit hilly, but the course we took was very different than any other one I’ve done.  It was on a dirt trail with a lot of hills.  I don’t know how I managed a 7:43 split on mile 1, but I was shocked when I saw it.  Haha! 

On a side note, my first mile is usually the fastest.

Mile 2 we started climbing again and then headed down a huge hill and I was able to take advantage of it to make up time.  Everything was going great until I looked up and noticed other runners way above me and realized that’s where I was headed next.  That was not a funny joke!

The last mile I just wanted to be done.  My legs felt great, like they could have gone at least twice as fast, but my poor lungs just couldn’t keep up.  They were burning because of the cold and I was having a hard time catching my breath.  Is that normal?

1 7:43

2 8:31

3 8:12

.10 .48

Total 25:15

My average pace per mile was 8:07



My time last year for the Turkey Trot was 26:30 and that course was super flat & fast, but not scenic at all. 

Wahoo for shaving 1:15 off my last year!

I didn’t P.R, (I really didn’t expect to) but I was so proud of my time considering the hills.  I was a bit disappointed I missed the cutoff time by 15 seconds.  But overall this was a well organized race and much better than the race I did last year in Visalia.

Did you participate in a Turkey Trot?  If so, how did you do?

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3 thoughts on “Turkey Trot 5K 2010

  1. nice job!

  2. Rachel

    We do a lot of the same races!

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