Hanford Half Marathon Recap

Yesterday I ran my 2nd half marathon race in Hanford, CA. You may read the recap for my first here.

Unlike Two Cities, this course was completely flat & fast.  Not one hill of death!

I told Mike my only goal is to keep a 8:30 pace per mile & I’d be happy.  Although, I never did the math to figure out what my goal time was.  I don’t like to set goals in races because I feel like I put unnecessary pressure on myself and it takes the fun out of racing.  I never want to feel like running is a chore, it’s my hobby & I love it!


I took Fri & Sat completely off to have fresh legs.  By race time rolled around I was more than ready to go.

This is not a very scenic course.  It’s along country roads & farmland.  I don’t mind it because it was super flat & that’s pretty much what I train on.


Miles 1-6 were easy & went by pretty fast.  I grabbed a cup of water or Gaterade at every aid station since it was warm.  I also started chomping on Jelly Belly Sport Beans around 3.5.  One thing I’ve learned is that I need to start fueling & hydrating early & stay ahead of it.  I tend to get dehydrated easily.


Around mile 4, I settled into my groove when I found a guy & girl to pace with.  I stayed close to them until mile 11.37.  (I’ll tell you why later.)  They kept a perfect pace, not slow or fast but enough to push myself to keep up.



I’d have to say mile 7 was one of the hardest.  I don’t even know why.  My legs felt heavy and slowed down a bit.  But I never let my “pacers” get to far ahead of me & always caught up.  I also grabbed another cup of water.

Miles 8-11 were more of a mind game than anything else.  Physically I was doing good.  Just the normal aches & pains.  At mile 10 I told my pacer, just a 5k left and at mile 11 she told me “just 2 more miles, we got this!”  But the last 2 aid stations ran out of water & I was becoming dehydrated.  I had to make the tough choice to stop for the first time at 11.37 when I saw a lady standing on the side of the road in front of her house and asked her if she had water.  She was so nice, ran inside & brought me a glass.  I am so grateful for her!  There was no way I would have made it to the finish line without it.


I can’t tell you how bad it sucked watching runners pass me and loosing my place.  But I absolutely had to stop if I was going to finish.  So I thanked her again and took off.  I made up for lost time & passed all but 2 people that passed me.  I never could catch up to my pacers, I think they were about a minute ahead.

Around mile 12 I saw Mike in the road taking pictures & cheering me on!  I can not tell you how much having my husband support there made me feel.  It was amazing to see him cheering for me on the course!


As I got closer to the finish line I kept doing fist pumps in the air (yes, I’m a dork) & encouraging other runners.  Then I realized we had to run past the finish line, run down another block & back to cross the finish line.  I was sad.  I just wanted to be done.

I passed one last guy and crossed the finish line feeling strong.


Garmin time:



1 8:14

2 8:22

3 8:35

4 8:34

5 8:35

6 8:42

7 8:27

8 8:29

9 8:31

10 8:37

11 8:39

12 8:21

13 8:40

.18 1:22

Garmin time: 1:52:16

Official time: 1:53:15

APPM: 8:31

I am more than happy with my time & pace!

Time for the after shots, Mike’s favorite part…making fun of me.  😉

DSC03250 DSC03251

DSC03251 DSC03254

DSC03257 DSC03256


Results were posted super fast.  The race director get’s an A++ in my book!

I couldn’t believe it, I placed 3 out of 22 in my age group!

10th out of 97 women, 46th out of 175 overall.

DSC03271 DSC03272

Race bling!!!


Let the eating begin.

The thing that really sucks, is the girl I was pacing with, took 1st place in the same age group.  I could have had first or second place if I didn’t stop.  But I’m still very happy about my time and that I even placed.





And an obscene amount of this~



Now it’s your turn.  Tell me about a race/event that made you feel great!

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6 thoughts on “Hanford Half Marathon Recap

  1. Cowboy

    You so smoked that course yesterday! I really enjoyed you getting so emotional after the race. I know how hard you work, but I still think your nuts!


  2. Fantastic race report!

  3. Great job! I loved your race report. So sorry they ran out of water. That must have been terrible! -Stacy

  4. Ian Baker

    Well done Jacqueline! That’s a really interesting race report. I completed my own 2nd half marathon yesterday in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, England. I did it as part of my preparation for the London Marathon on 17 April. It’s a course with two quite tough hills but I finished in a time of 1.48.16 which I was delighted with – a PB by 15 whole minutes! I did have the advantage of much cooler conditions than you had and all the drinks stations were well supplied – It’s unforgivable for the organisers to allow one drinks station to run dry, let alone two – well done for carrying on and having the initiative to ask that lady for some water. Wishing you good luck with any other runs you have planned.

    • Wow Ian, that’s very impressive! Great job on shaving 15 mins. off your PB. It’s not an easy thing to do.
      Thanks so much for stopping by & leaving a sweet comment.
      Let me know how the London Marathon goes.

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