It’s Official

I do not like running 5K’s. 

Yesterday I ran the Judicata race in Clovis, CA.  The weather was perfect considering a huge storm came through over night.  It was sunny during the whole race.  🙂

I met up with my new racing buddy, Natalie & her mom.


DSC03321 DSC03320

I started out at about a 6:18 pace.  Way too fast for me, and never got into my groove.  It takes me about 4 miles to get into it.  Anyway I pushed as hard as I could.  I felt like yacking the whole race but the last .50 mile was the worst.  I always kick it as hard as I can at the end, but there was just no way this time. 


Then I looked up at the time board and it said 24:08 on it.  I immediately thought to myself, that’s why I feel like crap! 

I crossed the finish line at 24:17, a new P.R!  And told Mike I think I’m hanging up my 5K shoes.  He laughed and told me I’d change my mind later.

Run 1 Run 2

2nd out of 22 in my age group, 25 out of 119 women & 70 out 275 overall.  *(From what I remember, they took the results down for some reason.)


We ran through tunnels 4 times so my Garmin lost it’s signal so it’s off by .10 of a mile, but here are my splits:

1 7:42

2 7:57

3 7:59

Time: 23:56

APPM: 7:46

*My official APPM is 7:50

I met up with Natalie (which rocked it & took 1st place in her age group!) and grabbed a couple bottles of water and after talking it over decided I most likely didn’t place so we took off.


I took 2nd place in my age group!  Yay for more race bling!

One of my goals this year is to run a sub 24:00 5K…we’ll see if I suck it up & give it another shot since I’m so close.

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One thought on “It’s Official

  1. I’m with you, 5k’s are no fun! Great job though. Excellent time. You’ve got a sub-24 in you for sure.

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