Brian Sturgeon Race Recap

I got up bright & early to participate in the 4 mile race.  Let’s just say if I didn’t pre-register for it, I would have went back to bed.

I logged over 40 miles of running & cycling training this week & our new neighbors decided to party & crank their music up for several hours.  Punks.

So to say I was tired is an understatement. But my stubborn self wouldn’t let me give up that easy.  I’m also a cheap skate & wasn’t going to throw away $20.


I got there 15 minutes early.  Perfect to pick up my bib & shirt & walk it back to the car, then to the start line.


1 7:49

2 8:12

3 8:27 <-ouch

4 8:00

APPM: 8:07

Garmin Time: 32:35

***Official Time: 32:35

***Edited to add 5 out of 29 in my age group, 26 out of 142 women & 78 out of 259 overall.

If you ran in the race, here’s the link to the race results.

Saw a girl yak after the finish line.  It was lovely.

Have I ever told you that is one of my phobias.  Oh and snakes too.  :/  Haha I warned you I’m a weirdo.

Ughh I did not feel like running today. But I’ve never regretted a run!  🙂

I didn’t place, but I did earn a new P.R!  I ran the same race last year.  You may read about it here.

One more picture of me because you didn’t ask.


Home->lunch->shower->blog->sit on my lazy butt for the rest of the day.  Maybe a trip to the d-o-g p-a-r-k.  Yes, I have to spell it, my dogs know what it means & they nut up when they hear those 2 magic words.  😉

Have you ever done an event that you did not feel like doing?

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One thought on “Brian Sturgeon Race Recap

  1. Holy cow! Nice going! That’s a fantastic new PR.

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