Hungry Buzzard Ride

Yesterday I did a 40 mile ride.  There was also a metric & century ride too but let’s face it.  I’m just not that brave.

I’m so happy I decided to sign up at the last minute because it was an awesome confidence building tool for me.

The weather was perfect.  Mid 50’s & cloudy at the start & mid 60’s & sunny at the end.

This was my first cycling ride ever & I learned really quickly how much fun it is to have a riding buddy.  I was so happy to meet Britney (left of me) at the start. 

While chatting with her & dodging dead snakes, the miles flew by.

“Honey, I saw 4 dead snakes.  4!”

The course was described as “mostly flat.”  Maybe it was but this girl is used to super flat country roads.  I would call it rolling hills but then again what do I know.  I’m a big sissy lala.

I got sprayed with pesticides by a farmer spraying his orange trees.  I lived. 

I think we did the first 15ish miles together and then I pulled away for a bit.  I should have been a bit more conservative because the last few miles were tough.  Lesson learned.   

Before I knew it I was almost to the rest stop.  Schweet!

I was feeling pretty good, averaging 14.5 MPH but a bit dehydrated.  So I chugged a lot of Gatorade, water, Jelly Belly sport beans & my new favorite margarita & salt Cliff shot bloks.

Everyone was so friendly & relaxed.  It definitely was not a race which was really nice to just ride at my own pace and chill out.

I think there were more “rolling hills” the last half but I survived.  It was the most challenging part for me, but the most beautiful.


There was one small but steep hill & I told Britney something like oh no look at that hill, that’s gonna suck.  She said something like ahh it’s nothing more than an ant hill.  We got this!  It was a piece of cake.  I got to the top & declared it wasn’t as hard as I thought.  I felt so strong!

By mile 34 I was ready to be done.  My left shoulder & butt were aching but my legs & hands felt fine despite the rough roads.  I was tired of getting beat up by those.

Finally at the last .50 mile!

The end.


Overall I had a wonderful time & would do it again.  This event was very organized, friendly & easy to find.  The aid/refueling station was well stocked with a variety of food, water & Gatorade.  They also had a BBQ lunch after, but I had a wedding to attend so I didn’t have the time to stay.  

According to my Garmin I finished 39.43 miles in 2:50 with an average speed of 13.9 mph.

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