California Classic Weekend Ride

At 4:57am my eyes popped wide open & ready to go.  It’s race day!  I didn’t sleep much last night because my mind didn’t want to shut down.  I wasn’t nervous at all, I guess I was just really excited.

So I ate my normal pre race meal, a banana and 3 pieces of cinnamon raisin bread with butter and took a shower. 

Mike was so sweet & put my bike rack on the car & loaded it up for me.  🙂 We arrived at 6:30am.  Parking was easy & plentiful.  I loved watching everyone gearing up for an awesome ride.  It got me all jazzed up & ready to rock this thang!  Oh and the weather was perfect again.  I totally lucked out the last 2 rides with that!



I hit up the port a potties which were right next to the start line and jumped in the sea of bikes.  As I was talking to another cyclist, Fox 26 News approached my area and asked if there was anyone doing the metric or century ride for the 1st time.  So they interviewed me about it.  I’m such a dork so I’m not sure how it came out, but I’ll post the link if it airs…and I’m at least half way decent.  😉 

At 7:00am on the dot we were off.  Literally for me.  I was surprised to see Mike (he volunteered & I didn’t know where they were he was going to be) that I started telling him about my interview with the news, I lost my balance and took a dive.  Clipped in.  I knew it was going to happen, but didn’t think it would be right before the start line.  Doh!  He ran right over to me, made sure I was okay & picked me up.  Just a tiny scrape on my knee & a bit embarrassed but I lived.  Haha I’m so retarded!

IMG_20110521_133208 (1)

This was taken about 2.3 seconds before my dive.


We were escorted for a little over 4 miles by Fresno PD to Freeway 168 where we rode for 10 miles, which was way cool.



Right when I entered it, I threw my chain.  So I had to stop, put it back on and had grease all over my hands.  I have no idea what I’m doing wrong but I have got to figure it out.  But anyway I got back on the road to the end of the freeway where it dumped us of on a country road.  I was feeling great & the miles were ticking by so fast.  The 1st SAG party station was around mile 27.  They were port a potties, chips, bananas, Oreos, oranges & PB&J sandwiches.  I grabbed a bag of chips & refilled my water & Gatorade bottles.  A bit later I had a bag of Sharkies.  <—<3 those! 


Then I was off again.  We headed down another country road through the most beautiful street.  This was my favorite part of the ride.  Lot’s of trees by a full Kings running river just outside Minkler on a secluded road.  It was so gorgeous I had to stop & snap a few pictures.



We made 1 huge loop back to the same & final SAG party station.  Again well stocked and super friendly volunteers.  I grabbed another bag of chips & a cup of Gatorade and was off again.  I figured I couldn’t finish the ride sitting there.

The last part was through town with a ton of stoplights which kind of sucked but was a nice break at the same time.  My left shoulder blade was on fire so I was able to stretch it out. 

If I were to change one thing next year, I would close off the street right before the finish line.  I turned the last corner & saw the finish line only stop at a light before crossing it.  That sucked.  When I see a finish line, I want to pedal harder to get to it, dang it!

Anyway I crossed that baby in a little over 4 hours.  (The stops were untimed.)


Mike was there taking pictures & cheering me on!  I loved it!  He’s awesome.  I kinda like him.  🙂

Right after crossing the finish line!


Right after, waiting to check into the bike valet.


I had such a great ride.  Way better than last weeks!


I’m so happy I did the Hungry Buzzard 40 mile ride last weekend.  It helped my fine tune everything so today’s ride was way easier & better than I anticipated. 

We headed over to the beer garden for lunch.  Tri tip, rice pilaf, green beans, salad & a roll.  So good!



  • Hydration is the key.  This is where I went wrong last weekend.  Start early.  Like the day before.  Because I was dehydrated for 3 days after.  Not cool.
  • Start out slower than you feel like
  • Gatorade lemon-lime in the powder form is amazing
  • Everyone is so nice.  It’s a ride, not a race.  Well…for most people.
  • You will be a “mechanic” at some point
  • You will get dirty.  Get over it & have fun!

IMG_20110521_133134 IMG_20110521_133145

Mike’s making ravioli with a red sauce.  Carb it up baby! 

I’m so ready to run the half marathon tomorrow morning. 

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8 thoughts on “California Classic Weekend Ride

  1. Amanda Murphy

    Great Job!!! That is awesome that you accomplished such a big goal. I ran this weekend too. I did the half marathon. I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now. I stumbled upon it accedently one day and have been hooked ever since. I check in every once in awhile to see what you’re up to. It’s cool to read about someone who has such a passion for running like i do. Well, keep up the good work. Maybe we will run into eachother at a race one day.

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words & stopping by! 🙂
    How did your run go?
    I’d love to meet you. If you see me at a race, say hi.
    Also if you’d like to receive an email every time I post, you can subscribe to my RSS feed. Just click on the “Surf’s Up” button.

  3. Congrats on accomplishing your goals! I think I totally saw you and your husband on Saturday, I was waving in the cyclists into the entrance of Chukchansi (I was volunteering). I think your husband was standing ten feet behind me also wearing the volunteer t-shirt.

    • Thank you buddy!
      I’m pretty sure it was my husband you saw. Next time say hi!
      Thank you so much for volunteering! You guys were amazing this weekend.

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