California Classic Weekend Half Marathon

Wow, what a heck of a weekend!  I am spent, but the California Classic Weekend was blast!

After completing the metric century ride yesterday, I was a little worried about how I’d do today. 

My day started at 5:00am.  I got up, took a shower, ate my normal pre race breakfast of 3 slices of cinnamon raisin toast with butter, a banana, water & I added an 8oz glass if Gatorade.  I figured it wouldn’t hurt after riding for over 4 hours yesterday.  It worked out well.


Surprisingly the only soreness I had was the top of my right foot where if I had to guess, I hit it when I ate pavement before the start yesterday.  Took a little time to set in I guess.  Other than that my legs felt a little tight but loosened up after moving around.  I was relieved about this & felt hopeful about the run.

My only goals were to finish & have fun but in the back of my mind I would have been extra happy running a 9 minute mile and/or come in under 2 hours.

We arrived at 6:30am to a traffic jam & full parking lot’s, which we did not experience yesterday but it wasn’t too bad.

I got in line at the port a potties and headed to the start line.


The race started promptly at 7:00am.  I started out slow (for me) at maybe a 9:30 minute mile?  The first 4ish miles were weaving through the streets downtown which was a little boring, and I was feeling a little tight but nothing too bad.  This is around the time I was finally getting into my groove.  We made our way to the half way point, the Chaffee Zoo.  We ran through it & passed by kangaroos, bears, giraffes & other animals I can’t remember right now.  I loved that part!  Whoever came up with that idea is brilliant!


Then we made our way along the shade trees through Roeding Park & the Tower District. 

Around mile 10.5 Mike rolled up next to me on a golf cart.  I was so surprised to see him!  It was nice for him to see me in my “zone.”  He said he followed me for a block, yelling my name but with my headphones in my skull, I couldn’t hear him.  lol 



At this point I knew I was going to make it out alive.  I’d only slowed down at the water stations & stopped once to snap the picture with the giraffes.  My knees started to hurt a little but other than that I was feeling great.

*On a side note every water/Gatorade station was well stocked and the volunteers were friendly, helpful & amazing!

After weaving through streets downtown, I saw Chukchansi Stadium.  This is where I got a little emotional.  I was so proud of myself for completing the biggest physical challenge of my life so far & even more so that I was feeling great!  I really turned a corner this weekend.  For the first time I feel like I’ve figured out the whole fueling/hydrating thing.  That was the key to such a successful weekend.  Well along with training properly & a great additude.  🙂 

We ran downhill through center field to cross the finish line!  I was so pumped!!!  I did this, I rocked it!  I never doubted myself!


And yes, the course was about .25 short.  The Type A in my was bummed about it.

My official time is 1:58:40 with an average pace per mile of 9:04.  ***Edited to add; Overall 568 out of 1957, women 189 out of 1183, age group 34 out of 213.

And now I’m rockin’ my new race bling!


I was sad that Mike didn’t see me finish, but he was getting ice for my knees that I requested at mile 10.5.  But he was there when my own family isn’t.  That’s all that matters!  He’s support of my crazy ass ideas is beyond amazing!  I could not have done this without him.  ❤


My knees & hips are a little sore but come on, after what I put them through the last 2 days I feel really good all things considered.

I am so thankful I trained for this healthy & injury free.  I am grateful every single day for my health.  I think about it all the time and never take it for granted. 

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