Crystel Stanford Memorial Ride

Well yesterday I did my first run since the CA Classic on Sunday.  It was an easy 3.5 miles & felt so great to be out there again!  You see I told myself I wanted to “try”  (haha) to take a full week off from exercise  following the Classic.  So making it until Friday was a big deal for me.  Of course mowing the lawn, cleaning my car inside & out & other cleaning sprees weren’t apart of that deal.  ;)  I did manage to file & paint my nails.  Sitting still to allow them to dry is always a problem.  Hello, ADHD!  lol

But none of this really matters because today I was so happy to participate in the Crystel Stanford memorial ride.


Last week she lost her life during the California Classic Century ride.  You may learn about what happened here.  It’s very heartbreaking, but also amazing how the cycling community came together on such short notice to remember her.


As a newbie to the cycling community, I am very impressed with everyone’s generosity and kindness.  I’m so proud to be a part of such a wonderful group!


Over 300 riders showed up to remember her.  It was a beautiful ride for a beautiful girl I never knew.

The 27 mile ride took us down some of the same roads as last weekend, including my favorite, Trimmer Springs.  It’s heavily shaded & along side a flowing river.  I felt a little nostalgic riding today.

It was a nice and leisurely ride, well besides the wind was a punk.  ;)  I averaged 12.5 MPH.


But it was more for remembering Crystel than anything else.  And I was more than happy to be a part of it!    

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One thought on “Crystel Stanford Memorial Ride

  1. What a lovely tribute. It’s such a sad story.

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