Fall race’s and coupon codes

Good morning!  Or afternoon for my east coast readers.  I’m a little late posting today and my only excuse is…well I slept in.  And it was everything I thought it would be.  I guess all of the moving and exploring caught up with me.

It’s a good thing that I am well rested, hydrated and caffeinated because today it my first day of fall race training!  I am stoked!!

I told you guys about the Mermaid Duathlon in the beautiful beach town of Capitola I’ll be doing in October last week.  I still swear they designed the course with me in mind. 

If you want to become a Mermaid with me, use coupon code SKINNYCHICK10 {all caps} for 10% off your entry fee.

MS Promo

They just released the official race shirt and I am digging it big time.  A major plus that it’s designed for women, so it doesn’t look “boxy.”  Did I just make up a new word?  Just roll with this one mmmkay.  Winking smile  Oh and the fact that it’s pink is a major bonus.


Well I am uber excited to add another half marathon to the list, Iron Girl in Santa Rosa, CA.

I am officially ready to redeem myself from my last half.  If you are interested in torturing yourself with me, use coupon code SKINNYCHICK for $10 off your entry fee. 

IG Promo

Which is probably why you may have seen this badge on my sidebar.  Winking smile


What’s on your fall race schedule?

If you could design a race shirt, what would it look like?

I’m a sucker for tanks & obnoxious colors, so a neon pink/yellow tech tank.  Oh and if budget wasn’t a problem, I’d let the folks at Lululemon make it for me. 

Do you have training cycles or do just train all year?

I typically like to train all year and stay in half marathon shape.  I’m hoping to build back up and having something to train for is a huge motivation.

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11 thoughts on “Fall race’s and coupon codes

  1. If I knew I was going to be out on West Coast I would sign up for a race with you!

    If I could design a race shirt- it would actually be a WOMEN’s shirt (I hate when races, or atleast bigger races use unisex or men’s shirts) I want a shirt that fits me, and actually looks cute! I agree on the fun colors too!

    I am pretty much training year round but I do make sure to have a few down times throughout the year where I can back off a little-for the mind and body sake!

  2. Laura

    I love discounts on races! And if I lived within, oh I don’t know, 1,000 miles of you, I’d be there in a second 👌
    I train most of the year but take December and January off. It’s just so cold and snowy and icy. By February I’m desperate enough to start treadmill training until I can get outside again around April.

  3. I definitely did not stay in half marathon shape last year. This year, we’ll see. I’m a lot more dedicated to running now, so I don’t want to give it up. Living in WI and running in winter will be a test though. I hope to stay in shape all year round to open up other race possibilities (maybe a spring half?). Right now I’m training for a half at the end of September. Can’t wait!

  4. My big Fall race is the Chicago Marathon, but I’m also doing another Duathlon as well as a 10-miler at Disney World. There’s a good chance that I will add a second marathon in November as well.
    I wish that race shirts could be sleeveless…not a sleeve fan.
    Train all year baby! How else can I justify beer, pizza and nachos?? (Coffee needs no justification)

  5. San Jose Rock n Roll Half in October!

    Train (or at least workout) all year- how else would I be able to eat massive amounts of sugar without inducing a diabetic coma?

  6. In October I am racing the 13.1 Race in Dallas and in January I will be racing Houston Marathon. Can’t wait!!!!

  7. I have a couple of races in mind for this year. The diva half marathon in December or the Santa Run. Maybe the Chapman 5k in October. I just need to run.

  8. I’m actually thinking of doing the See Jane Run Sprint Tri on Oct 5th. The day before my RnR SJ 1/2 marathon. Dunno if it’d be too much to do in one weekend. . . Next year I’ll sign up for a Mermaid 🙂

    I was eyeing Iron Girl earlier. I need to see how it would fit into my marathon training schedule. I think it’s the week before Big Sur 1/2 (right in monterey Nov 17) and have to make the choice on which one I’d want to do. . .

    I like the idea of being in 1/2 marathon shape all year. I felt pretty strong earlier in the year when I was at it 🙂

  9. The Iron Girl race is really, really tempting! It’s so close to me, I could go down for the day. I would need to see if it lines up with the Ragnar I will be participating in that month. I do like being in 1/2 marathon shape all year round.

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