First day of school and a loss in the family

I woke up to pictures of my beautiful Lu on her first day of 8th grade. 

photo (18)

And my little diva in the making Blair bear. She’s starting pre-school.  I know it’s cliché but seriously, where does time go?


I miss my family so much so it’s nice to be able to keep in touch through Facebook.

Mike had to get his learn on too.  He went to the bay area to get mart and then to work after.  It was a crazy long day for him but I’m so happy he’s home chilling out with me.  Okay mostly drinking all of the coffee and pointing out boy stuff online.

Earlier this week a nice guy came by and asked if we need our windows washed and as much as I love to clean & organize this girl can not wash windows.  They look like a melted Hershey bar when I’m done.

So anyway Bam & I hung outside and waited for my stomach to settle so I could go for a run before he got here.  It’s been a punk off & on all week.  IBS and running don’t always go well together.


Then took selfies.  You are welcome.


Eventually the ole stomach decided to cooperate for a short run.  Unfortunately my camera only wanted to focus on the Jack butt & my watermelon(!) Nuun.  At least he’s cute.


I played the how long can I sit in sweaty, gross workout clothes before I’m disgusted with myself.  Turns out 1:22 was the magic number.  I made it to 5:33 the day before. I know.

I ran a few errands and one of them happened to be a stop at Bath & Body Works for hand soap.  Coincidence? 


Mike asked me to trim the bushes in the backyard, so I gave it a Mohawk.  Pretty sure I got out of this chore in the future.


Just kidding, the Type A in me couldn’t leave it.  Plus I love doing yard anyway.


On a sad note my mom got a puppy, Spot a couple weeks ago.  Spot somehow escaped the yard and a Sheriff passing through accidently ran her over.   


At least we’re happy to know where she is and that it probably wasn’t painful, but I’m feel so bad because I saw how happy she made my ma.  As sad as it is, there are tons of other pups that need to be rescued so she’ll have to get another furry friend.  Winking smile

Do you hang out in sweaty workout clothes or take them off right away?

It’s funny because I usually take them off right away.

Yard work, yay or nay?

YES!!  I’ve always loved working outside and after living in an apartment & condo for almost 2 years it’s so nice to have a yard to work on again.

What is your favorite scent(s) ever?

I love anything coconut.  Oh and vanilla


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14 thoughts on “First day of school and a loss in the family

  1. Sorry to hear about Spot. She looks so lovely in that picture. It’s always sad when a pet gets run over.
    I am REALLY bad at getting changed out of my running clothes when I get back from a run. I’ve expended my energy…there’s none left to shower and get changed!

  2. I’m sorry about your moms pup. My brother lost his 7 year old hunting partner to a hit and run driver. 😦 no matter how short or long of a time you have these furballs in your life, they leave a mark of good in your soul.

    i deal with sweaty clothes when i have to, but prefer to take em off asap.

    love yard work. that mohawk cracks me up 🙂 i love spending time out in the garden, getting my hands dirty.

    coconut, lavender, gardenia and jasmine.

  3. Nicole

    Poor Spot.

    I try and get out of my sweaty stuff right away – there’s nothing like a shower after a hard workout.

    Yard work….ehhh, I’ll do it, but I’m not one to go out and pull weeds in my free time. (My Mom, on the other hand, would come home every day from work and pull weeds, trim bushes, or spend time outside before coming in for the night.)

    I love cinnamon, vanilla, coconut, and lemon!

  4. I am guilty of hanging out in sweaty clothes – especially if I work out and then have work to do around the house. If I had a yard I would be all for working in the yard, unfortunately we are still renting and don’t have a yard.

  5. 😦
    How grown up does Lu look today!

  6. grm059

    That puppy is adorable.

    I normally do stay in my workout clothes for a little bit, but then I get cold from the sweat and have to shower immediately.

    I’m not a fan of yard work.

    Fave scents are pumpkin or peach or strawberry or beachy scents, and vanilla makes me have a headache so I tend to stay away from that!

  7. So sorry to hear about your mom’s puppy. I know that had to be really tough on her.

    I don’t mind doing yard work, with the exception of raking leaves.

  8. olivetorun

    Ew, sweaty workout clothes are the worst. Ben and I have a rule- if we get done with workouts at the same time I ALWAYS get to shower first… I cannot stand that feeling.

  9. So sorry about the pup!!!
    I usually leave my sweaty workout clothes on for a bit, unless I actually have plans after (Which is rare)
    Unless it’s hot yoga, then that shizzzzz needs to come off ASAP. It’s stinky, yo.

  10. I just did laundry and the smell from all our workouts clothes was disgusting! I wonder if there’s something out there I can put in my hamper to help with the smell? I usually let my clothes dry out before I throw them in… I just bought a ton of hand soap from bath and body too! I’m loving all their autumn scents.

  11. Count me on on yard work…or any work for that matter 😉

    I usually stay trapped in my gross workout clothes for a couple of hours because I’m usually starving. I’m gross like that 🙂

    I’m a sucker for any scent that reminds me of clean laundry! Anything too sweet and I start to get sick of it. I looooove bath and bodyworks aqua waters soap, so so clean and fresh!

  12. I can’t handle being in my sweaty clothes for long either. It grosses me out. I like to do yard work like planting flowers, raking leaves, etc., but I’m not a fan of pulling weeds. I gripe the whole time. 🙂

  13. Aw. I’m so sorry about Spot. What a cutie.

  14. organicallymo

    I’m sorry about the puppy…so sad!
    I usually stay in my workout clothes for awhile {GROSS} because as soon as I get home I try and get a few things done before showering. Why change twice??

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