A tank of gas

Hi friends!  Happy Friday!

I took a rest day and it wasn’t very eventful so I wanted to share our Sunday drive from last weekend that I never got a chance to post. 

Just in case you can’t tell, we prefer a tank of gas over collecting stuff. 


First stop was downtown Carmel Valley.  It’s a quaint town with a lot of charm and oak trees – a favorite of ours.


We stumbled into several wineries that I really want to check out.  I saw an Earthbound Farm on the way to Monterey, which was also added to my must check out list. 

Next stop took us out of the warm sunshine to foggy downtown Monterey.  We did the whole tourist thing last week when we checked out Cannery Row, so this time we wanted to go off the beaten tourist path.  It was really cute, but not much to do.  We did stop into a British Pub for a delicious lunch.


Mike is a history nerd so we checked out the Presidio Museum.  We both thought it was just okay, but the statue out front was really neat with incredible views of Fisherman’s Warf & the bay.



My favorite was visiting Colton Hall, where the Constitution of California was drafted in 1849.  It’s still being used today as a city planners office.IMG_4166


I dig all of the character and detail big time.


Monterey’s first jail is located right behind it and was really neat to see.  I can’t imagine what it was like back in the day.


We even randomly saw California’s first Theater.


And this reminds me of Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs.  #iam4


On a side note, I’m doing a little work on the blog over the next couple days so if you see pixel dust flying around and/or the blog is down, never fear, SCB is getting a new home.

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

Making fun of Mike until he cries. 

Anyone racing this weekend?  What race & distance?

What’s the most memorable place you ever visited?

How do you collect memories? 

I love snapping pictures and saving them in a file.  It takes up less space & I’ll always have them.


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8 thoughts on “A tank of gas

  1. I love that the 2 of you take drives together, definitely a good way to get time together and see new places!

    My favorite place I have ever been was Mont Saint Michel in France, it’s just amazing and can’t wait to take my fiance there one day (he has never been to France so it’s on my bucket list to take him).

  2. Great pictures! I definitely need to start taking more when we travel. I am the WORST- I always forget to take them.

  3. 1. I am looking forward to a 10k I am running on Sunday assuming my hip and body get a bit more recovered!

    2. 10k on Sunday! I haven’t run a 10k in a really really long time so I am excited to see what I can do and where I am at!

  4. olivetorun

    Exciting about the new home 🙂 I can’t wait to see what you’re working on!

  5. Heidi

    I love just driving around exploring new places with no deadlines or time limits.

    I’m running AFC half marathon sunday! Feeling very nervous but excited!

  6. I loved Cloudy With A Chance For Meatballs! Okay…I own it. No shame. I can’t wait to see what sort of changes you’re making to your web home!

  7. Running a 10 mile training run tomorrow with a local running group. I usually just save pictures on my computer. My mom and I used to print all our pictures, date them, then put them in photo albums once a year. It’s great to have, but it took SO long to do!

  8. Kari

    You’re pictures make me miss Monterey! We are a military family and just moved from there in July! If you go to Earthbound Farms stop next door at Hacienda Hay & Feed, they have some cute animals 🙂 Also, if you’re into history and ghosts, there is a company that does ghost tours of all the historical spots in Downtown Monterey. It is REALLY interesting and I learned a TON and the tales of which places are haunted is neat too, including the restaurant 1833 which your MUST try for at least drinks and aps 🙂

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