Gear I Dig

I love to look and feel hot while I’m out on the trail!  So I thought a page dedicated to my favorite gear would be fun to share with you!

I only run in Mizuno Wave Rider 16.  I am a huge fan of Mizuno and started running in the 13’s when I took up running back in the day.  I’ve gone 4 different running stores over the years to get fitted for the right shoe, and every single time, the running shoe experts recommend these.  Can’t mess with perfection!


You can check out all of my Mizuno reviews by clicking on the links below:

Pro Compression socks and sleeves.

These are great for a speedy recovery after a long run or work out.  Plus they are super cute so it’s a win-win!


I love the Nike Dri-Fit running capris.  Most of the time I reach for these over anything else.  I go up a size so I can roll them down and layer them over my padded cycling shorts, which keeps me warmer on cool rides and makes transition in duathlons a lot easier.


I am in love with the pink Lululemon Run Swiftly Tech Racerback top in the picture above.  It’s super soft, comfortable & light.  I pretty much want to live in it.

It’s a GPS watch that tracks my mileage, pace, distance and a lot of other stuff I don’t use like the heart rate monitor.  I also use it for cycling, hiking and walking my dog.  My Type A personality loves all of the data.

I never leave the house without my Garmin Forerunner 305. It’s one of those things, that if it’s dead, I’ll wait for it to charge before I run. My obsession with it is kinda sad.

I feel like I became a better runner because of it.


Nike Pro sports bra. It fits well, low cut, supportive, affordable and they come in lot’s of cool colors.


BIC Bands  If I’m running, cycling or living, you will most likely see me with one on. They are fun, cute and never slip.  I run half marathons in them and they don’t budge. Bonus: I never have to do my hair!


These are just some of my absolute favorites.  You can check out other gear I dig for running here and cycling here.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or email me at

I’m always happy to help support the sports of running & cycling.  And enable your shopping addictions.

Since I’m not cool enough for my favorite brands to kick down gear to review…yet, I bought these with my Mike’s hard earned scrilla.  I’m pretty much in love with these brands and want to share it with you.

See, I can be nice…sometimes.


3 thoughts on “Gear I Dig

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  2. Katie

    I love the new gear page! It’s cool to see what other runners like.

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