Bucket List

I’ve been thinking about doing this for a long time. I actually have 2 lists, one for the bay area and the other for everything else.

I don’t plan on living in the bay area forever so I thought it’d be fun to put this list together. I’m open to your suggestions since I’m so new here, so let me know.

Anyway here they are in no particular order.

  1. Skate on the outdoor ice skating rink in SF
  2. Run across the Golden Gate bridge
  3. Go zip lining
  4. Visit Napa/wine country
  5. Ride on BART
  6. Ride on Cal Train
  7. Drive through the city during Christmastime
  8. Run a half marathon
  9. Ride my bike on the whole Bay Trail
  10. Kayak on a lake
  11. Ride on a cable car
  12. Tour the Jelly Belly factory
  13. Visit Sausalito, CA

Life bucket list:

  1. Parasailing
  2. Travel to a different country (I’ve only been to NV)
  3. Snowboard
  4. Ride in an airplane (never have)
  5. Vacation in Vegas
  6. Take a cooking class
  7. Take a camera/photo shooting class
  8. Become a certified personal trainer
  9. Become a certified nutritionist
  10. Run a marathon (oh crap, can’t believe I just wrote that)
  11. Rock climbing (indoor or outdoor)
  12. Attend a blogger conference
  13. Learn to sew
  14. Run Surf City USA half marathon in Huntington Beach, CA
  15. Learn to play the piano

2 thoughts on “Bucket List

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  2. Ok if you are a true cupcake activist…you got go to the cupcakery in Fremont. Seriously they give Sprinkles a run for their money.

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